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«PastFuture landscape»

2017 - 2022

digital collage


In 2016, I started a series of digital collages from photos of modern Kyiv architecture and destroyed Soviet monuments. The landscape of Ukraine was changing very quickly and I tried to capture these changes in one image. Combining real photos into a collage, I wanted to get the most surreal image, such a concentrate of layers of history to get a photo from the future. In 2020, I supplemented the series with works with the Kyiv crematorium and the Azovstal plant. Back then, when I combined the skeleton of a whale and the Azovstal plant, I had in mind an environmental theme, but now, after the Russian invasion, these works have a completely different meaning. So I was able to look into the future, see a glimpse of the future, and make a very sad prophecy.
In 2022, I continued the series by making a collage of destroyed Ukrainian houses and the Mariupol theater, there is also my personal pain, a fragment of my mother's burnt house in the city of Volnovakha, Donetsk region. Volnovakha - the city of my childhood, completely destroyed by Russian troops.


took part in groop exhibition:

Photo July /2017 PLATFORMA art factory /Kyiv Ukraine

Mechanism of evolution /2017 Modern art research institute /Kyiv Ukraine







digital collage

in these works I used photos of architecture of Kyiv and painting.


took part in groop exhibition:

Final short list "COMFY ART PRIZE"/2016 Ukraine



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