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21*30 sm each

I intervene in the discovered image through embroidery to show situation what has been happening in 2014 in Donetsk region/ Ukraine which I faced on. As for me is a «Jailbreak» driven by media and propaganda – like the erasing of an old operating system (and memory) and installation of a new one. Why the first photograph in this series is old ladies by a building entrance.  Like a seismograph/ they instantaneously and very precisely detect the slightest disturbances in society and immediately retransmit them. This makes them most vulnerable to jailbreak.



took part in groop exhibitions:

"Time-like reality" 2015/ Modern art research institute/ Kiev Ukraine

"The Coefficient of Independence" 2015/ America House / Kyiv Ukraine

"Today that has not come"  2017/ Mystetskyi Arsenal/ Kiev Ukraine

"Nasty Women Exhibition: Empowerment" 2018/ Black& White Building/ London United Kingdom



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